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IELTS Coach IELTS Sample Answer & quot & IELTS Preparation; Speaking Part 2: IELTS Signal Card/ Applicant Job Card. Discuss your favourite food. Exactly what the food is How it’s made You enjoy it Why it is your favorite food and explain. Trial Solution 1: I enjoy food, so it’s difficult to consider just one favorite form. However, basically needed to select, I can think about a thing that I like to get like a unique treat from time to time. I;m likely to let you know what the food is, how it’s created, why I enjoy it so much and explain to you what makes it my favorite food and perhaps perhaps convince you which you want it as much also ; in case you haven;t presently found it for yourself. The foodstuff is fairly simple. I; while others notify me it basically originates from Egypt ve always looked at it like a Greek speciality.

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Is it possible to do you know what it is? Houmous. I really like it. The food is spelt differently in American Language; they call it hummus as well as in British English we mean it having an;e; and a; in place of just the only; nevertheless the menu is the same either way. Generally, it ismade from prepared, crushed chickpeas combined with fruit juice , olive oil, tahini, salt and garlic. It’s popular through the Middle East (including Turkey), North Africa (including Morocco), as well as in Middle Eastern cooking around the globe, however it is also extremely popular with me, although I`m extremely specific in regards to the variety I purchase. I-live near a wonderful delicatessen, a couple that is helpful runs it, he is Chinese and he or she is Yorkshire that is retro. They create their particular houmous with only the finest-quality virgin olive oil and large quantities of the very best new garlic they could pay money for.

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It; s not very cheap and it s better than my very own tries I wear ; why, it shouldn t understand;t be not so soft to produce. Do I prefer it I believe it is partly partially, and the consistency the preference, I enjoy garlic. Additionally, with plenty of protein fats that are good for you it is a really wholesome food, since I& ;m veggie. Obviously you can have too much of a thing that is good, but I believe it . It is my favorite food not just as it is completely tasty, but also since you could reveal it with others. It is best eaten like a swim, with friends. I cut up a great deal of carrots, cucumber into eacute & crudit;s cautiously sliced to make a meal that is colourful, perhaps with some slices of hot pitta bread too. A good jar of white wine assists.

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We can subsequently all sit together sampling our spectacles of wine and laughing savoring the new humous drop and conversing with set the world to rights. It is an effective way to enjoy a food that is fabulous. Careers Mechanic (UK), TEFL tutor (Vietnam) Written by – Lucy Marris Model Solution 2: My favourite food is fried rice with veggie curry with salad. This can be in-fact typically the most popular menu within our country. The rice is first boiled in water and the boiled hemp is melted with some chicken and veggies and fat. The curry is organized separately using some herbs and hen and finally the salad is organized utilizing different fruit and veggies and after that those are glass into parts and mixed along with mustard. Then these three items are served together.

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I consume this selection approximately 3-4 occasions in weekly. This selection is organized at home generally and sometimes it is eaten by me in a restaurant. There are a few modifications in the ingredients and also the way this food is prepared. Distinct restaurants have their own niche in planning and offering this menu. This is my favorite food for many causes: firstly it is incredibly delicious and wholesome. This menu satisfies the demand for various food prices your body desires. It is available in the majority of the component inside our nation. Because it provides tastes’ variants thirdly, I like it.

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Additionally, it doesn’t demand e much attempt to organize and is that considerably cheap to prepare. For several these reasons it is my preferred food. Equivalent Stick Card Subjects Your ability to talk about this Signal Card Topic would additionally let you discuss the Cue Card Subjects that are following as well: Explain a food item you frequently eat Summarize a food you take in outside your property Describe a patio meal you have had Explain a food object you know how to prepare