How to Be Armed with Facts About Trump Stories

My neighbor has a fire pit where he likes to spend Friday evenings gathered around with other neighbors, friends and family. It is fun until politics are brought up. This is where it gets annoying to me as I do not fall for rhetoric or twisting of the facts. I will research political topics I am interested in to get to the real facts. When I read about something our president has done or failed to do, I check the Trump News feed website online to read articles from different sources that are on the same subject matter.

I avoid the wannabe journalists who get some raw facts from a wire source and then spin it into an article. I avoid editorials that are disguised as reporting too. It is facts first for me before I read any spinning of the news. I wish journalism was more reliable, but until it is, we need to really get diverse input about things that are important to us. The real fact is that I was not there. Seriously, I was not in the Oval Office when things were said. I may not know all the details of why a decision was made. I do not jump to conclusions without knowing as much fact as I can. It is not wise to be like that, and my peers are like that when they gather around the fire pit to talk politics on Friday nights.

When a story breaks, I arm myself with facts from reading multiple articles by different journalists at the Trump News feed website. This way I can at least set things straight in a small group of people. My neighborhood might not be much in the way of changing the political landscape nationally, but at least they know the finer details of things by the time I am done talking.