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Important Things to Know about Business Directories What is a business directory? Do have an idea about the certain benefits that you can be able to get from having a business directory? Well, you must first know what a business directory is; which is a website or sometimes a printed listing of useful information that has a main purpose of listing all of the businesses according to some sort of category. Some of the several categories that the various businesses could be able to fall into are the location, business, activity or even the size of the business. Through the manual process or through the automated online search software are just two of the ways in which a business could be compiled. One example of a business directory that we are commonly familiar about would be the online yellow pages. Another example of a business directory would be the traditional phone book, which could also be considered as the business directory that is the printed listing type. For every different business, there would also be a different information or detail that is going to be provided in the business directory. The name of the business, address or location of the business, telephone numbers and other contact numbers, the particular type of services or products that the business can be able to provide, number of staff and employees, the service region and also some of their professional associations, if there are any, are just some of the important details that may be included in the business directory. There are even some other business directories that would also include certain information about the various businesses such as the user reviews, comments as well as feedback. The business directories that you can be able to see in the past are only the ones that are in the printed format. On the other hand, certain aspects about the business directories have been upgraded just recently that they now serve as websites due to some technological developments. These are all because of the emergence of the internet. In addition to the premium options of most of the business directories, you can also be able to find some other business directories that can be able to offer complimentary listings. In these present times, there is now a very large number of business directories that you can be able to find available. Also, the majority of these available business directories have already moved over to the internet and they have also moved away from the printed format. We all know that business directories are not being considered as search engines, but they are being known to have a search facility.22 Lessons Learned: Resources

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