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How to Quickly Sell Your Property for Cash to Prevent Foreclosure If you are a homeowner and you are facing a situation where you are falling behind on your mortgage payments then you basically have two options to choose from, either sell your home quickly or just get your home foreclosed completely by the lender. The best and ideal choice is to basically sell your house, in order for you to prevent getting a foreclosure statement on your credit report card which is by the way a crucial blow to your credit score, and being a homeowner who got his or her house foreclosed may prevent you from ever purchasing another house in the future, thus, it is highly recommended that you quickly sell your house before it gets foreclosed by the lending agency and get auctioned off. The first thing that I want you as the homeowner to start doing in order to sell your house quickly is to fix your house without having to spend too much money, so that the assessment of the appraiser about your house will be good enough and high enough to pay your mortgage loans. Just do the simple things like trimming the plants and trees, mowing the lawn, painting certain parts of your house, clean each and every nook and cranny of your house property, and also fixing some of the broken parts of your house exterior and interior. The very next thing you need to do is to actually get a local realtor appraiser to broadly assess your house in order for you to find out the exact selling price of your home in the current market price listing, the realtor appraiser will obviously try to review your house which includes its conditions, size, overall appearance, and will also end up comparing the selling price of some houses that are highly similar to your house, and that is why I asked you to first fix and clean your house before the assessment process.
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If the value of your house will come out as equal or better than the amount of your mortgage then I suggest you list your house on the market immediately, but if it is lower than your mortgage value then I highly suggest you to talk to your lender and agree to a short sale. If your lender finally agreed upon having a short sale to cover your house mortgage then grab your phone and contact a real estate agency, and I highly suggest you ask for a realtor agent that is highly knowledgeable and skilled about short sale deals, since this realtor will most definitely give all he or she got to sell your house quickly.Getting Creative With Homes Advice