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Why Is It Important To Know The Different Types Of Air Compressors? There are now some ways to help your car tires be inflated, and if you want to know it, just keep on reading. There are now lots of car drivers who use air compressors to solve the problem of car tires, plus these air compressors have lots of applications. The air compressor’s applications can be used in lots of ways such as wrenches, powering guns and nail guns. When it comes to using air compressors, it is important to know first the different types available in the market these days. If you want to use the main type of air compressor, then you can make use of the piston type. If you are going to use this kind of air compressor, then you can surely have powerful units.One of the reasons why the units are powerful with this type of air compressor is because of the large motors it has. Once the air are compressed, they will be stored in a tank, if you consider using this kind of air compressor. Another good thing about the large motors used by this kind of compressor is that it has the ability to balance the air pressure inside the tank it used.
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Another good thing about this kind of air compressor is that the motor can start working right away once the air pressure inside the tank has decreased, so that the tank will be filled with air again. Once there is already enough air inside the tank, the motor just automatically shut off.
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The piston type of air compressor is a main type of compressor which has two units, the dual and single piston units. When it comes to a single piston unit, it only has one piston that distributes and compresses the air inside the tank. If you are going to use this kind of piston, make sure the work is not so hard or big. Light or moderate work only needs 150 pounds or lower amount of air inside, so this kind of piston is the best for it. Most of the single pistons are used by families at home or buy workers at a bike shop in the local place. On the other, there are two pistons for the dual type unit. If you are going to deliver air and place it into the tank container, then you can use the dual type of piston. This is how it works, the first piston must compress the air first into the valve. The role of the second piston is to compress the air again. Once this process is finish, the air will go inside the tan container. If the work needed is heavy or big, then you can make use of the dual pistol unit. Aside from that, the pressure of air needed to fill the tank is 150 pounds and above.