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Reasons Why Many Canadians Choose To Live And Retire In Costa Rica Costa Rica is mostly known as a place that has a really stunning sceneries, sunshine and also smiles that also has a really spring like weather all year round and it has no income taxes on foreign earned income. The country also has not capital gains taxes and it also has a very excellent world class medical facilities, affordable medical plans and are mostly populated by people that are really friendly and also really beautiful. There are an estimated to be almost millions of retirees in Canada and it mostly seems that there are a number of them that are thinking about retiring to costa rica because of their lifestyle and also benefits of having to live there. Truly rich people from all over central and also latin America are also visiting costa rica because of their political and also financial instability in their own country that they are trying to avoid when living there. They mostly fear the lives of their own children because they might get kidnapped in other latin American countries that they are living in, or if they have witnessed the value of their own home slashed in half because of instability. Not like any other nations in central and also latin America, costa rica has truly become a really stable and also democratic country since its independence in 1948 and it has no army and has the highest life expectancy levels. Costa rica also has higher living standards compared to their war ravaged neighbors, the country also has a really perfect climate, laid back lifestyle, financial and political stability which makes the country really rich.
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It is also not just people that are looking for retirement which are going to Costa rica, they also see really young business men coming to the country with goals of having to establish their business there. Compared to other countries in Europe and also other cities which are seen in the united states, costa rica is really affordable to live compared to them and this is due to the fact they can easily buy properties and build a home there.
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Retirees can get to buy luxury condos in costa rica at very cheap price but they can also get to buy modern, brand new and also really comfortable homes anywhere near businesses and also other centers. Retiring in costa rica is not that very easy and people must do research on where they can get to buy properties and how they can get to live there, they must hire a great professional service which can help them in getting to live in costa rica on a permanent basis when they choose to retire.