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The Melbourne Real Estate Market When investing money, it is best to do some on something you know about, instead of spending it on something as an impulse. Real estate is a popular form of investment, but if this is what you are planning you will need to consider all the angles. Melbourne, Australia is a popular place to buy real estate, it is also an interesting place to buy. If you are seriously considering to buy property here, then this article will help point out some issues you need to consider. If you are a seasoned investor then Melbourne might be the best place for your next real estate investment. Some experts will tell you that this is the ideal city for investors that have a long term plan in place. Price’s in this market vary but the median price for homes is around $340,000. Supply and demand is a big concept for economics and business, it also plays a big role in the housing market. In Melbourne the demand for the housing market is exceeding the supply. This means that there are not enough properties for sale to meet the number of buyers or investors. Each year there are about 140,000 new units sold in Australia, which is a large number of homes and apartments, but it does not meet the number of people looking to buy a home. These national numbers can be equated to Melbourne, this cities’ market is also affected by the fact that its population is at a forty year high. As supply is stretched to a breaking point the prices are increasing and rental rates are soaring.
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With the rental rates increasing investors are looking to capitalize on this opportunity, rental rates are expected to increase 6% over the next few years. This is good news for investors; this means that if you invest in apartments then the income can be much higher. For people that might be a little weary of these numbers you should know that over the past twenty five years the city has had a 1.2% vacancy rate.
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With all of the upside of the Melbourne real estate market the market also has its downside. Home prices are relatively low, which is good for people looking to buy properties, but for people looking to sell their property the prices are considerably lower than homes in Sydney, Perth, and Canberra. Some experts have suggested that the property values are rated too low, which again is good for investors but not good if you are looking to sell a property. Whatever your decision is, your plan should be to hold the property for a long period of time, this will give you good rental income or if you plan to sell it might give the market time to rise.