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Tourism Marketing Strategies to Consider Besides being one of the largest industries in the world, tourism is also among the fastest growing sectors in the world. Considering that over 50% of all bookings are made online and up to 80% of all travel research is done online, it is high time tourism firms developed internet marketing tools if they want to succeed in this challenging industry. There is no denying that by using tourism marketing, you are set to benefit a lot. Discussed below are different strategies you can use in tourism marketing. One of the tips is to find visitors before they arrive. Visitors don’t just arrive one day and disappear a few weeks later. As a tourism firm, it is imperative that build relationships with your visitors in advance before they arrive. The best way to go about this is by creating a mini-campaign to help your visitors answer certain questions such as some of the best local attractions they should visitors once they arrive, where to stay and where to eat. By doing this, you can direct the visitors to your local visitor center. Secondly, you need to give support to local visitor centers using a dashboard. If, for example, one of your cities is struggling to attract visitors while it is well-known for certain activities, you can use assignments to connect visitors with local experts. Thereafter, your central team will then monitor posts on social media like Twitter in the airport looking for visitors posting things related to what the city is famed for then assigning an expert to help them out.
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You also need to train and plan for negative travelers when using tourism marketing as a campaign strategy. In most cases, destination organizations do not have a slight idea on how to handle negative visitors. Considering that most tourism firms are not ready to create a bigger controversy out of this,, they often respond when necessary. Responding early can put at bay negative experiences, minimizing their impact. This way, it is possible to turn angry visitors into happy advocates.
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It is also recommended that you use social media to have a better understanding of out-of-market visitors. The most unfortunate thing is that most people only use social as a tool to understand what out-of-market visitors have to say about the destinations they have visited. There are a number of analytical tools you can use to better understand what these visitors associate with most in your destination. For example, sources such as Twitter, online discussion forums or YouTube can be used to gather important data. This data can then be used to develop a smooth marketing campaign. Using search engine optimization is another key element of a successful tourism marketing campaign. It is imperative that your tourism site should earn and keep its place at the top of search engine pages as this enhances the relevance of your site. If done professionally, SEO can result in better returns.