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Important Tips for Purchasing a House A house purchase is one of the biggest financial transactions you’ll likely make in your life.Buying a house is a huge financial transaction that you can’t afford to take lightly.Purchasing a house a big financial transaction that you can’t not take seriously. This is why you need to prepare for it the best you can.Hence, you need to prepare for it the best way possible.Thus, you have to should prepare for it as much as you can. First and foremost, do not buy unless you’re sure you won’t be moving.First of all, don’t buy unless you have no plans of moving.First things first, don’t even consider buying unless you have no foreseeable plans of relocating. If you don’t think you can’t stay in one place for at least the next few years, then a home purchase is likely not for you – at least for now.If you can’t see yourself being in one place within the coming few years, then buying a house is probably not for you – at least for the time being.If staying in one place over the coming years does not appear in your radar, then a house purchase is likely going to do more harm than good – at least at this time. Transaction costs are so high that you could end up losing money if you sell very soon, even in a booming market.Transaction costs are too high and you may end up with a loss if you sell the property soon, even in a growing market.With transaction costs very high, you could only losing cash if you sell the property soon, even in a positive market. Things get even worse when prices are low.When prices drop, the possibilities get even worse.With prices falling, the possibilities could even take a turn for the worst. Another wise step you can take is shoring up your credit.Cleaning up your credit is another smart step you can take.By cleansing your credit, you’re making another wise step. Because you’ll likely need a mortgage to buy a house, you should make sure your credit history is spotless.Since you’ll likely require a mortgage to make a house purchase, you should ensure that your credit history is spotless by them.As you’re probably going to need a mortgage in buying a house, start working on cleaning your credit history now. Months before you start looking for a property, you should have copies of your credit report.Get copies of your credit report months before you begin hunting for a property.Before you begin house-hunting, get copies of your credit report at least months earlier. Check the facts, make sure they’re all correct and if there are problems, fix them asap.See if everything is correct, and if there are problems, fix them at once.Look for problems, and if you find any, get them fixed asap.
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When choosing a house in terms of affordability, remember the rule of thumb: affordable is the house that is about two or two-and-a-half times your yearly income.When picking a house based on affordability, keep the golden rule in mind: affordable is when the cost of the house is equal to or less than your annual salary times 2 or 2.5.When it comes to affordability, here’s the rule: a house is affordable if its cost is not greater than two or two-and-a-half times the money you make every year. There are calculators that you can use online to help you with this.You will find calculators online which can help you make the computations.There are online calculators you can use to help you with the computations. In case you can’t put down the usual 20%, there are ways to get a loan.If you can’t make the typical 20% downpayment, there are other opportunities to get a loan.If you don’t have the money to put down the usual 20%, you can still get a loan. Some public and private lenders offer low-interest mortgages that require a smaller downpayment, so check if you qualify.Ther are private and public lenders offering low-interest, low-downpayment on mortgages, so do check if you’re qualified.There are public and private lenders that offer low-downpayment, low-interest mortgages, so see if you qualify with them.
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When choosing a location, pick one that is near good schools.Choosing a house located near some schools is another good thing to do.Picking a house that is close to some good schools is also good. Even if you don’t have schoolage kids, you’ll be able to sell the property for a higher price, should you decide to move.Even if you don’t have children who go to school, you can sell the property at a higher value, in case you want to move.Even if you have no schoolage kids, you’ll be able to sell the property at a higher price, if you ever decide to relocate. When transacting with a lender, you will usually be faced with a choice of paying more points (part of the interest you pay at the close of the deal) in exchange for reduced interest. When dealing with a mortgage company, you will probably be offered the choice of paying more points, which is technically some of the interest paid at the deal’s close, in favor of a cheaper interest.When dealing with a lending company, you will often be offered the choice of paying additional points (a portion of the interest paid at the conclusion of the deal), in exchange for a minimum interest. If you plan to use the house for about three to five years, taking the points is often the better choice.If you’re staying in the house for at least 3 to 5 years, take the points.If you intend to stay in the property for the next 3-5 years, better to take the points. With the low interest rate, you can save more over the long term.In the long run, you will be able to save more money with the reduced the long term, you can save a lot more with the minimum interest. Before you go house-hunting, getting pre-approved will also save you time and energy checking out houses that are beyond your budget.Prior to house-hunting, make sure you get pre-approved so you can save both time and energy looking at house you can’t afford.Before you go looking for a house, get pre-approved so you don’t have to waste time and energy checking out properties priced in excess of your budget. Pre-approval is not the same as pre-qualification though, which is a cursory review of your financial status.However, pre-approval is different from prequalification, which is basically an evaluation of your financial standing.Pre-approval, however, is different from prequalification, which is a cursory assessment of your financial status. Pre-approval, which is granted by a lender, is based on your actual income, as well as your debit and credit background.Pre-aproval, which is done by a lender, is dependent on your actual income, along with your credit and debit history.Pre-approval, which is done by your lender, depends on your credit/debit history and of course, your actual income. Finally, get professional help.Finally, consider hiring professionals.Lastly, hire professionals to help you. Find an exclusive buyer agent who will put your best interests forward, and use expert strategies during bidding.Get yourself an exclusive buyer agent who has your best interests at heart, and can use effective strategies in the bidding process.Get an exclusive buyer agent who will advance your best interests, and use bidding strategies that actually work. A home inspector, preferably an engineer who is experienced doing home surveys in your target area, is another pro that you need on your team.You also need a home inspector on your side, preferably an engineer who has done a lot of home surveys in your target area.You should also hire a home inspector, preferably an engineer with a lot of experience surveying homes in your intended area. What this guy will do is to identify all the potential issues in a house that may need significant repairs in the future.This guy’s job is to pinpoint all the potential problems that may require major repairs down the road.This person’s job would be to tell you all the probable issues that may need key repairs in the future.