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Effective Ways to Get Rid of Your Pigeon Problem Although pigeons seem quite harmless, they may be awful pests. They can be dangerous to your health because their fouling causes infections such as salmonella bacteria and ornithosis, as well as ruins the aesthetics of a building. Moreover, a pigeon’s droppings also contains the extremely corrosive uric acid, which can severely deface and damage any building over time. Failure to do pigeon proofing can significantly increase your risk of catching a contagious disease. A large number of pigeons can be such a big problem, especially in towns or cities. They comfortably build their nests on buildings and the hustle and bustle of towns and cities doesn’t deter them in any way. Their nests may carry insects and mites, which may wander all over the place. This usually causes further pest problems within the building. Sometimes they can block gutters and drains, often causing flooding. They often leave behind debris, which is carried by wind and accumulates in gutters and drains, eventually leading to a blockage. It is therefore important to do some pigeon proofing in the most affected area. This will force the birds to look for another nesting area as they are prevented from entering their home site. Be sure to do this in a humane way, though. Bird nets are available in very durable materials that will withstand all sorts of weather. As a net builds an effective barrier between the bird pest and its homing site, this is a great way to get rid of pigeons. Another effective way to deter pigeons is to use fine metal spikes that run along chimneys, window ledges, signs, and so on.
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Pigeons will not rest on any areas with these spikes because they like to perch on flat surfaces. While spikes are mostly used to keep away pigeons in towns or cities, they can also help to keep away other nuisance birds like crows and gulls. Another way to do pigeon proofing is to use sprung wires. This is generally done on window ledges by putting a few stainless steel wires across the window’s ledge to protect it. You will attach the wires to a spring at one end, in order to prevent any pest pigeons from resting on the ledge by setting the right tension on the spring.
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Using these strategies can help you successfully deal with your pigeon troubles as they are effective as well as humane. If you are wondering which method you should use to keep away pest pigeons, pest control companies are there to offer you the right advice and products that will help solve your problem. These professionals will also help you install and use the product, so rest assured that the problem will be taken care of.