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How to Arm Yourself in Divorce Preparation Getting ready to divorce your spouse is one of the ugliest and saddest moments, but unfortunately if that is planned it has to be so. Once you have made a decision of divorcing your spouse, make efforts to getting prepared along with getting a good mediator. The first and most important step for your family’s sake, agree to have mediation. Logistics on fee splitting can be hard to discuss when a couple is in the period of divorce, therefore involving a mediator which the two of you must agree on is crucial.
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Deciding to involve a mediator in your situation means you are allowing him to take the step of dividing your property, and the only way this can happen is if you write everything down. Having a prepared financial affidavit is vital because some courts may require it, and it could at some point be held against you if wrongly done.
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It is necessary to make a list of what you want out of your property to make it easier to decide who goes with what. If there are any children in your life, it is not right to try and get them for financial needs. It may seem like a competition when couples are listing the things they will want to give to them, but to be truly genuine with yourself, only write down the things that are important to you and those you feel you can’t do without. If you have to be angry and rude to each other, do it away from your children because they get affected first hand. You may try to hide your divorce preparation from your kids, but they will still come to know about it when it is too late, and it won’t be too nice for them so try and prepare them in advance. This should be broken by the two of you after you agree how to do it and where it will be done. Agree on what to say to your kids, be composed and try answering all the question they might have except if it has to do with adult information. What your kids honestly want to hear is that it is not that bad because dad and mum will continue to love them and take care of them. Co-parenting even after the divorce is essential, and it will only come clear when your children have grown up and want to graduate, have kids that you want to go and see, during weddings and so on. Divorce mediation is not as easy as it may sound and the two of you may think what is the point really, but, getting an expert is what will solve your big puzzle. Get it clear that some mediators are not at all trained, and they may only be there to listen to what ugly scenes led to this divorce issue.