Dangers and Precautions to Take When Renting Storage Units

Renting a storage unit can be a risky business. You have late fees, possible damages, water leaks, pest infestations and contracts. With all of these variables, it’s not easy to make a decision. If you think you don’t know what you’re doing (or even if you do), you’re in for a treat.

The mistakes and what could happen if you make them

You wouldn’t believe how many potential mistakes there are to be made in choosing a storage unit. This article obviously doesn’t cover each and every one of those mistakes, but it’ll list a few examples.

What if the storage unit has been damaged by the previous user and you’ve only found the damages after renting it? The company may charge you for any damages. What if some water seeps into the unit and damages your collectible comic collection? What if you damage some of the walls in the process of moving? Well, the mistakes are abundant, but the results aren’t. In any case, you’ll be either charged a ridiculous amount or you’ll end up losing your things.

Storage unit buying tips

1.    Shop around! Look at any storage unit in a 25-mile radius from your home. Yes, it’s a lot of looking to do in some neighborhoods, but you might find a better and cheaper solution for your storage needs. Do this ESPECIALLY is your things are very valuable or vulnerable.

2.    The deposit really shouldn’t be overpriced. In fact, it shouldn’t exceed one month’s rent for most people. If it does, either it’s extremely luxurious or you should be suspicious. Either way, you’d be wise to give units like this some extra thought and time before renting.

3.    Check the contract! I can’t repeat this enough. If I could, I’d cup my hands and shout that sentence at anybody who is even THINKING about renting a storage unit. Even though it might be tedious, it’s going to be even more tedious getting your stuff back if there’s a section in the contract that’s tricking you into paying huge fines or giving your stuff away. While I don’t believe any major company actually does this, there might also be errors in terms of pricing, terms or other critical aspects of your deal. Another important thing to check for is stable prices. If there’s a section that says they’re allowed to raise the prices without (or with) notice, don’t rent this unit unless you want them changing the price on a regular basis.

Know when you’re being scammed

Yes… if this surprises you, it shouldn’t. There are companies that are trying to unload their broken storage units on unsuspecting customers. After they have already signed the contract and moved their belongings, the company starts claiming they broke the pipes, electricity or damaged the walls. Compensation costs can be massive and you really don’t want that. There are a lot of scams out there, and the best advice this article can give you is trust yourself. If you think this person is shady, get out and don’t look back.

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