Coverage Included in Medicare Plan F

Medicare coverage has many gaps in it and there are supplemental insurance plans to cover some of the costs left to the individual. Medicare supplemental insurances, or Medigap insurance as it is called, offers 10 different plans. Medicare plan F is the most popular of the ten because it offers comprehensive coverage that leaves a beneficiary with no out-of-pocket costs. It is also the most expensive of the supplemental plans. The plan covers all remaining doctor bills and hospital expenses that are not covered by Medicare Part A or Part B.

Comprehensive coverage with plan F includes Part A and Part B deductibles, Part B co-payments including preventative care, and Part B excess charges. It also covers skilled nursing facility co pays, Part A hospice co pays, Part A hospital and copay costs for an additional 356 days after Medicare benefits limit has been reached, and Foreign travel emergencies. This plan works well for people who need a lot of regular care or who will need extensive, long term care in the future. It is also good peace of mind for others because there is really no way of knowing what end of life issues may arise for you or your spouse.

The plan does not cover monthly premiums for Part B or Part A, if that applies to you. Not all those on Medicare have a premium for Part A coverage because some qualify to get Part A without one. The expense of the plan can exclude those who need it for purchasing it, so there is an alternative version. A cheaper plan F policy is available that carries a $2070.00 deductible before all the coverage begins. It makes the plan a bit more accessible for people who cannot afford the full cost of the plan. Keep in mind that the only difference is the deductible and all the other benefits covered in plan F are still covered once the deductible is met. Check with your insurance agent for prices of this plan and all the other 9 plans available. The prices will vary, although the coverage of each plan is standard, so you will need help comparing quotes to insure you get the best price for the plan.