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Lawn Maintenance Tips The beauty of having lawn is that it perks up the curb appeal of the house and function as an area where you can free stress and unwind by way of playing lawn games such as tennis, bocce ball, cricket, Frisbee, lawn bowling, golf, lawn darts, badminton and the likes. Not only that, you can also use your lawn when throwing a holiday party or any other recreational activity, which is intended to be enjoyed outdoors. If you would like to enjoy the benefits that your lawn has to offer, then it must be maintained on regular intervals. In order to keep it in great shape, effective lawn maintenance is going to be crucial. In the next few lines, you will be able to uncover some helpful tips that you need to be aware of. Tip number 1. Level the lawn – the very first thing that must be done for maintaining your lawn is by levelling it. You must keep the structural aspect of your lawn if you decide to get this thing done on your own. Remember to have a realistic approach and to begin with your maintenance, you must be sure that the first lawyer is removed. After that, you should put in your efforts to level the subsoil. Keep in mind that good lawns are free from any lumps so you must exert the extra efforts of getting rid of it. Tip number 2. Use fertilizers – no doubt that you can get rid of pesky insects and repel them from touching your lawn again by using pesticides but you’ll benefit more if you decide to use organic composts. Fertilizers must be applied when the temperature is warm and it’ll be better if you are going to fertilize your lawn in months of August and fertilize it again in October.
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Tip number 3. Wisely choose grass seeds – the selection of correct grass seeds can complete your effective lawn maintenance, which is the reason why you should not take it for granted. When selecting grass seeds, you must pick the ones that are durable and can provide good looks. Depending on your personal requirements and size of lawn, you can opt for the carpet grass similar to centipede grass, rye grass and the likes. You need to do research on when the perfect season they must be planted before buying any of these said variations.
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Tip number 4. Mow your lawn with great care – as you mow the lawn, you must be very carefully to chop the blades of the lawn grass with extreme care. It is vital that more than 1/3 of the grass’ height isn’t removed as you mow it.