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The Many Services of Dentists

Dentists perform a variety of dental procedures every day; many of which are done to prevent cavities, straighten misaligned teeth or perform cosmetic surgery.

Some of the dental services that are performed are: laser dentistry, dental sealants, dental bridges, dental crowns, fillings, dentures, tooth extractions and gum services. Dentists provide these services so that you and I can enjoy  good dental health. This can be achieved with regular dental cleanings, x-rays and restorative dental services. Keep in mind; there are certain critical factors that are important for our dental health and our well-being such as teeth that function properly, taking care of our teeth and gums so that we can eat nutritious foods, maintaining our well-being and self-esteem and enjoying a nice smile and looking attractive. Carmichael dentists have the dental services you need!

Other dental services that dentists provide are dental braces and oral surgery. Examples of oral surgery are root canals and dental implants. In addition, besides the aforementioned services, other services are available such as mouth guards for TMJ and orthodontic procedures. All of these dental services  keep a person’s oral health in good shape. Dentists in Carmichael are happy to help with your dental needs.

To conclude, regular dental visits are important because they keep our teeth and gums healthy. Most dentists agree that regular dental visits should occur twice a year. During a dental visit your teeth and gums are examined and your dentist will check for cavities and see if there is tartar or plaque on your teeth. Your gums will be checked to see if they are healthy. Between visits you should brush and floss your teeth and use a mouth rinse to get rid of bacteria. Of course, your dentist will also ask if you have had any problems with your teeth such as pain or problems with your bite. It is important during the dental examination to be as honest as possible with your dentist.