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3 Methods to Turn Your Libido Back On

Are you feeling a bit low? Generally zonked out? You can’t get up enough interest in sex to well, get it up? The male libido is a complicated animal. Never mind whether you can perform between the sheets or not, in this day and age it can seem like too much effort to even pull the covers back and get in. What kinds of things could we be doing to put the  ‘Yes, please!’ back into sex? For one, male enhancement pills seem to be your best bet at turning the tide in your favor sexually, and if we had to suggest something to get, we would tell you to get Malegenixsince it’s rated the best in the business.

We could relax.

It sounds like the opposite of what we need to do, but stress levels nowadays are through the roof. Stress, apart from making you cranky and often fixated on whatever problems you are dealing with, has a strong effect on your body. Blood pressure rises. Often we don’t have time to eat properly, or we start getting hernias and other digestive issues. Take some time out to just be you.

We could eat better.

There are a ton of foods that are considered aphrodisiacs. They put you in the mood. Oysters, chocolate, to name the most well known. A healthy, balanced diet, with far fewer carbohydrates to make us feel full and heavy will help on a longer-term basis. Also, believe it or not, up your fat intake a wee bit. Fat is essential for some processes and is a factor in testosterone production.


We could make more effort.

Sex is not a turn-on-and-offable commodity. Good sex needs a little spadework. Mediocre sex just puts us off. We can’t remember what all the fuss is about. Use toys. Try different positions. But before all that, take time to reconnect with your partner. Kiss. It releases all kinds of good stuff into your body. Be intimate. It helps you relax. Hug. Talk, even. People that have sex more, want sex more. And the key to lots of sex is a solid, trusting relationship with a connection that needs to be maintained.