Best Lawyers for Car Accident Incident

Two weeks ago to the day, I was crossing the street at a crosswalk, and I was struck by a vehicle that was speeding, and that also ran a red light. The vehicle in question was driven by someone who fled the scene of the accident. Luckily, the police were able to track him down hours later and to arrest him. I am in need of a Sacramento personal injury lawyer as I am sure that there is a lot of legal stuff to come with regards to this whole issue.

I want to get the best lawyer that I can find, and I am pretty sure that I can get a lawyer to represent me without paying any money upfront. I feel like there is a sizable settlement ahead of me, so long as I am able to hire a good lawyer. And a good lawyer would be confident of their ability to win this case, and to get the most compensation for me possible.

I am just glad that the person who hit me had car insurance. Because otherwise, I am not sure what sort of situation I would be in. I am not sure how the law works in situations like that, but I know that it is different in different states. Right now, I would like to just be able to focus on healing and getting better, but unfortunately, I have to deal with all of these legal matters. But they are pretty important, because I am going to need the money from a settlement with the insurance company, in order to be able to pay for the medical bills that I keep racking up. And it does not seem like the medical bills are going to stop coming at any point in the near future for me.