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What Is Augmented Reality? Into our direct experience of reality that the superimposition of computer generated data is enabled by Augmented Reality. The user’s current awareness of reality is enhanced by supplementing the real world with 3D virtual objects. Placing a 2D marker in front of a web camera for instance is a method that uses physical world to overlay graphics as a reference point. To produce an overlapping illusion on-screen as if it is directly on top of the marker in the real world, the computer comprehends this instruction. To determine the position of objects in the physical world, this method involves using a combination of devices including electronic devices, accelerometer, compass and location data. It detects the location of the physical world along with its axis at the same time. Even though most of the obvious application AR lies in mobile communication, many industries are already adopting this technology. Expected to climb is the combined revenues from paid downloads, advertising as well as post-download items. Although the use of it is still in its infancy, to enhance and accelerate product design, manufacturing, maintenance and commercialization, it is now being deployed in various industries. In education, it is one of the top ten most significant emerging technologies and to increase receptivity, it merges the real and virtual objects that triggers interest among students. The best application of this technology in education is, using multimedia elements, the content of the books are augmented. Virtual characters may also be introduced in its realm including avatars of real teachers, guiding character or even teacher-like avatars.
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The only gap in the online sale of products is the interaction with physical products with e-commerce diffusing into various emerging markets worldwide. It can significantly enhance the traditional method of retail and marketing activities online, this is where it comes into the picture. By simulating a bricks-and-mortar shopping experience that will enable e-shopper to interact with virtual objects, this can be achieved. To diffuse well among the customers by first attracting early adopters, it might take a while, therefore the desired results in one go may not be possible when this technology is used in business. It has to be strategically integrated and woven into the marketing strategy in order optimize results, it takes some time getting used to it. Like all other emerging technologies, both skill and patience are needed when using this business.
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It is well placed to a bright future because in cell phones and video game systems, it is already widely used and to a whole new level that the mobile user experience is taken. In the coming years, the way people access, experience and share digital information is set to change.