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A Quick Guide to Hardscaping The are two important steps when installing patios and hardscape and these are planning and design, and installation. Before constructing anything, you need to make a plan of what you will do with the area and how you will use the space to make sure that it is used to the maximum effect. A professional planner can help you make a layout for your outdoors but if you prefer to do it yourself then it is also possible to do so. Before you install hardscape, you need to make sure to balance the area and to choose a focal point. If you want your yard to look natural, you should create a balance between hard features such as walkways and stonework, and natural greenery. By incorpotaing walkways and patios into the surrounding area, you produce a seamless addition to the natural landscape.After the planning stage has been finished, the construction of your patio or hardscape can begin. The place where you are planning to build should then be excavated and leveled. It is important to note that when building an outdoor feature such as a patio that you build it on a flat area where the stone are lying level and it will have proper drainage. You should excavate the area in about five and a half inches into the ground.
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After excavation fill it in with base materials that will support what you are building above. The base material for a patio is a limestone mixture that you can buy from landscape supply stores and should be installed in layers 2 inches thick and built up until the base is 6 inches thick. This procedure is done so that the patio will not settle over time and so that draining will be easy.
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The stone for the walkway can then be place after the base. Consulting a professional for this step is advisable so he can help you decide of the size and color of the stones to be installed, and to determine the quantity that you need. After laying the stone, an edge need to be added to hold them in place. Long plastic pieces are used for the edging and they are placed on the base material surrounding the patio. Patios and walkways should have edging for the purpose of preventing the stones from moving and shifting out of place. When you add sand backfill around the edges and over the stones, it will solidify the patio and walkway to complete the installation process. When everything is done, you can then put out the furniture that you have decided to furnish your patio with and decorate the place so it will be your new place of relaxation. With the additions you have made, putting the patio and walkway, you regular yard can become a special place to be.And it provides a functional, livable space that you and your family can enjoy throughout the year.