A Bit of Luck on the Way Home

On the way back to my home at Boulevard 88, I found a coin on the ground. I’ve always heard that finding a coin on the ground was good luck, so I picked it up. Even if it didn’t mean a change in my luck, I would at least have a little more money. Once I got back to my home, someone knocked on my door. It was someone from one of the other rooms in the complex. They were trying to make a pie from a recipe, but didn’t have any sugar, and was wondering if they could borrow some.

The woman was a little nervous to be knocking on a random person’s door, but she was new to the complex and didn’t know anyone, so she knocked on doors until she found someone who was home. I gave her some sugar and told her that I would be happy to help her with the recipe, since I’ve made one similar to that one before. She was grateful for the offer and accepted. The pie was a special fruit pie that was pretty common. After making the pie and letting it cool, we ate some together and had a conversation.

I guess that coin that I found on the ground was really good for my luck, because the woman and I got along really well, and I asked her out to dinner and she accepted. This was of course for another day that week. We were to full on pie to go out to dinner that day. From that day on, I called that coin my lucky coin, and kept it in my wallet. The dinner date was even better than the pie incident, especially because it ended with the woman and I making out for an hour after dinner.