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Architects and Building Designers: Are They Different? Because architects and building designers practically work in the same field, most people would look at them as literally the same job. While you may think so too, the thing is there actually are some differences in between them. They are both employed in order to design buildings, which also means that they have the same skills. However, in Australia, there is something that will certainly differentiate the one from the other. The one factor that will differentiate the one from the other is called the State-based architecture board. This means that for anyone who wants to obtain the right to practice and do business as an architect, he or she has to register with the State-based board first. If you’re someone who’s planning to build a building and you need a capable individual to design it for you, then you will have to learn for yourself the difference between the architect and the building designer. This article will help you with that. Who is an Architect?
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If you are looking for find architects, be certain that he or she is a professional. What it means is that they should possess the following requirements:
Incredible Lessons I’ve Learned About Projects
Must have a formal tertiary education plus degree in architecture. The individual should show proof of necessary liability insurance, which is required during registration. Finally, he or she has to be registered as an architect with the proper governing body for architecture in the state or territory. Therefore, registration with the state architecture body will be officially defining the term “architect.” It is actually for the sake of legal and professional purposes. But if an person has a degree in architecture and many years of experience, but without evidence of registration, he or she can never to called as an architect. Who Is a Building Designer? In the not-so-distant past, building designers were referred to as draftsmen. But the name eventually evolved, thanks to a number of improvements in their roles in the industry as well as their skill sets. These days, the role of a building designer has evolved and expanded to include the ability to design fully functional and very complex structures and buildings. These people may come from different design-linked backgrounds. This group includes those who have finished degrees in architecture but were unfortunate to not get officially registered as architects. Also, those individuals who have extensive formal education in different related fields are part of the “building designer” term. When you’re looking to hire a building designer instead, you must know that many parts of Australia actually don’t require building designers to fulfill a set of requirements or credentials to be able to do business. Specifically, there is no registration or licensing needed for building designers in Western Australia, New South Wales, South Australia, ACT, and the Northern Territory.