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Traits of a Good General Contractor A general contractor is usually in charge of managing the project as well as the crew of a construction site. If a particular project is big, then you can bet that the person running it has to be even more competent and skilled than usual. A person is usually drawn to a particular profession because of his personality trait. People usually choose jobs based on their personality; they choose what works for them. Below are traits that you need to look for in general contractors prior to hiring them: High morale – before a person becomes a contractor, he must be adept at following rules that have to do with building codes. These codes are there for a reason, they need to be followed to ensure the safety of the crew in charge of the project as well as the people in the city where construction is ongoing. If one in charge is highly ethical, then he will see to it that all the codes are followed since he is very much concerned of the safety of people around. A person who does not care about these codes should not be placed in such a position. If such a person were to take charge in such a project then it would not be safe at all. Intelligence – before one becomes licensed, he has to pass all of the requirements, to do so, he needs to be smart, have excellent memory, and the capability of passing exams that will allow him his license. An individual who is applying for such a job should know the significance of the area of which he has been tested on.
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Math aptitude – you need to look for an individual who is good in mathematics. A person needs to have a high aptitude in math if he is planning run a construction project as the tasks he will be in charge of will basically require that. Since these guys also need to be aware of the financial aspects of a project, they need to have the competence when it comes to handling numbers. If one in charge of a project is not that good in math then you would expect the project to not be that good in general.
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Mechanical ability – this pertains to the ability of a person to simply how and why things work. You need to look for a pro who is exceptionally talented in such an area since there are certain aspects of construction that would simply require him to have this ability. Excellent communication skills – a pro needs to be able to speak well and listen intently to what others have to say. There needs to be constant communication between inside and outside parties when a construction project is underway. You need to hire a contractor who has exceptional communication skills; that way, nothing could possibly go wrong.