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What You Need to Know About Concrete Removal The reason why you’re reading this article is because you want to know what the cost of concrete removal is. Sadly, there is no single or fixed answer to that. That’s because the cost will vary, depending primarily on the region or area where you reside. Other factors that come into play are the amount of concrete to be removed and the disposal fees. Know that if the contractor you hire will be allowed to haul the concrete using an affordable recycler, you have the chance you save a lot of money on dump fees. Sample Costs 1 – A typical patio or a sidewalk can be removed by a demolition concrete removal company using heavy equipment in many parts of the country for a cost of $400 up to $600. But then again, the cost may actually be more should the concrete cannot be recycled.
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2 – Larger areas, specifically a two-car driveway will cost more, ranging from $1500 to about $2500. The cost is bigger because the area concerned is larger in size. But if your driveway was built with reinforced concrete, then it is more difficult to remove, expecting the cost to go up higher.
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3 – For the removal of a concrete foundation in your basement, the cost is expected to be from $2000 to $4000, and it’ll depend on the area where you live, the disposal fees, and the size of the basement. Remove or Repair? Commonly, the best option for you is complete concrete removal should you be experienced these scenarios in your sidewalk, patio, driveway, or slab: If There are Multiple Cracks In the event that there are deep and wide cracks which are uneven, it suggests that patching should no longer work. Frost Heave This occurs because of frost in the winter, particularly pushing concrete up. Sunken or Settled Concrete Once the concrete settled, the main reason is because the subgrade wasn’t properly prepared and the only solution is to remove and replace the same. But in the event that the reason is heavy equipment that was put on top of the concrete, the solution can be as simple as raising and leveling the existing concrete. But if there are only minor and thin cracks and you see no signs of settling, you can just patch the cracks. But if there is an obvious major damage, doing some patching and resurfacing will just cost you to lose money. This is because the same problems will resurface if the concrete isn’t removed and replaced. Concrete Demolition and Removal by Contractors Concrete demolition and removal is not a do-it-yourself project. The only people who can do the job are concrete demolition contractors. These pros have the right tools for the job including a bobcat with hydraulic or pneumatic breaker attachment. They also have roll off dumpster on site. Once the concrete is broken, it’ll be loaded into the dumpster and hauled away to the landfill or the concrete recycler.